Annual Results and Discusses Current Operations


HOUSTON, TX - (Marketwire) – May 11, 2015 - Texcom, Inc. (OTC Pink: TEXC)(the "Company" or "Texcom"), an environmental services company serving the oil and gas industry, today announced its financial results for 2014 and discussed 2014 achievements and the current status of its operations.

“We completed a number of strategic transactions in 2014 that have given the Company a very clean balance sheet and the ability to focus on core operations and growth,” stated Bob May, CEO. 

Among the major achievements during the year were the following:

  • Sale of the assets of MB Environmental Services, LLC and the elimination of difficult contractual restrictions
  • Acquisition of two salt water disposal wells in Arkansas using Company stock to pay over 50% of the acquisition price
  • Changes to the capital structure of the Company by elimination of the Company’s outstanding preferred stock through payment of all accrued dividends, conversion of the preferred stock into shares of common stock, and implementation of a ten-for-one reverse stock split Financial Highlights for the year ended December 31, 2014 compared to the year ended December 31, 2013:
  • Revenues totaled $12.39 million, decreasing 22% from $15.90 million.
  • Net income available to shareholders increased to $8.28 million, increasing 113% from $3.88 million.
  • Earnings per share on a fully diluted basis increased to $0.92 from $0.54.
  • Total equity increased to $21.08 million from $5.52 million.

While the Company’s focus in 2014, and prior years, was on the completion of strategic transactions, the Company is now poised to focus on improving its core businesses. Of course, the unforeseen drop in oil and natural gas prices will put pressure on our water disposal and oil skimming operations. We believe that we can lessen the impact of the expected reduction of revenues in these services by expanding our NORM services and reducing administrative and operating costs where possible. The results for each of our operating entities in 2014 and the early projections for 2015 are discussed below.

Eagle Ford Environmental Services, LLC (“EFES”)
EFES had a challenging year in 2014. First, operators in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation have begun to process their production and flow back water before bringing it to us for disposal. As a result, our oil cut skimmed has decreased dramatically. We sold 8,900 bbl of oil in January 2014 as compared to only 2,500 bbl in December 2014. Second, the drop in oil prices from near $100 to below $50 per barrel has further reduced our skim oil revenues. In addition, in mid-January 2015 the facility was struck by lightning knocking out one of the two receiving terminals. While we expect our insurance providers to cover the cost of cleanup and repair to the facility, we lost about half of our normal disposal volumes from mid-January through early March 2015. As a result, we only sold 1,100 bbl of oil in both January and February 2015. EFES is now fully operational and our disposal volumes and oil sales have begun to recover.

To offset these events, we have reworked our pricing and production sharing arrangements with our operators. However, the oil and gas industry continues to endure pricing pressure and it is likely we will have to reduce our pricing to remain competitive. Further decreases in product prices might lead to operators shutting in their producing wells which would reduce water disposal volumes at EFES.

EFES generated over $1 million of EBITDA in the first quarter of 2014 but generated only $750,000 of EBITDA for the last three quarters of 2014. Under current economic conditions in the oil and gas industry, we expect EFES to generate about $320,000 of EBITDA during 2015.

Texcom Peak Environmental Services, LLC and Texcom Bennett Environmental Services, LLC
The two Arkansas properties acquired in August 2014 generated about $1.35 million in EBITDA in the aggregate for the five months ended December 2014. Due to high depreciation charges, aggregate income before income tax was only $753,000. While not directly impacted by oil price fluctuations since this region produces only natural gas, the decline in natural gas prices has put downward pressure on disposal rates in the area. Further, our primary customer has reduced the volume of water delivered to our facilities by about 50%. To offset this decline, we have pursued another major operator in the area and anticipate executing an agreement for the processing of its disposal water during the latter part of the second quarter of 2015. We expect our disposal volume to be close to capacity as a result of this agreement.

We believe that the Arkansas properties will generate about $3 million of EBITDA in the aggregate during 2015.

Texcom Environmental Services, LLC (“TES”)
TES, which provides NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) consulting, remediation, and disposal, performed very well in 2014, generating $3.1 million of revenues and EBITDA in excess of $500,000. We believe that our NORM operations can generate increasing revenues and earnings for the Company for several years and, as a result, we intend to make significant investments in TES during 2015. As announced last month, we recently added Don Halter to our staff and we are aggressively pursuing new business opportunities both domestically and internationally. Don is one of the few Certified Health Physicists who specialize in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Combined with Alan McArthur and Frank Starkey, Texcom now has an unrivaled team of radiation professionals. Additionally, we are pursuing an optimal location for the construction of a new NORM remediation facility to handle the expected increase in our NORM remediation operations.

We expect TES to generate revenues of approximately $4 million in 2015 and EBITDA in excess of $600,000.

Texcom Gulf Disposal, LLC (“TGD”)
Texcom, Inc. owns a 20% equity interest in Texcom Gulf Disposal, LLC, an entity that owns a disposal well and related assets in Montgomery County, Texas. TGD is permitted to dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste; however, TGD has been unable to obtain the necessary building permits to complete the construction of the facility and begin operations. While we believe we will ultimately obtain the building permits, construct the facility, and conduct profitable operations, we have fully reserved for our $704,000 investment in our 2014 financial statements.

Texcom, Inc.
Corporate expenses were exceptionally high in 2014 as we incurred significant transaction costs to complete the transactions noted above, and we incurred significant legal costs for the annual meeting. Corporate expenses are expected to return to a much more normalized level in 2015.

We enter 2015 in solid financial condition with sufficient cash resources and sufficient projected cash flow to meet our debt service requirements and our capital expenditure budget. While we do not expect to generate significant net income in 2015, the foundation has been laid for solid growth and earnings in the future.

Due to the events described above, the Company was not in compliance with its debt coverage ratio as required by its bank loan covenants for the first quarter of 2015. The bank has waived the debt coverage ratio requirement for the first quarter of 2015 but has required a $500,000 cash collateral account. The Company has sufficient liquidity to post this cash collateral without any negative impact on its operations or planned capital expenditures.

About TexCom, Inc.
Texcom, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a growth-oriented environmental services company with a primary focus on the disposal of nonhazardous wastes generated by the oil and gas industry, and the remediation and disposal of NORM. 

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